The History of FTF Cycles

It's All in the Family

In 1999, after spending many years of his extra time working on custom builds, restoration projects, fabrication, customizing, painting and high performance engine building for everything from bikes to boats, Dan Pike decided to focus his passion on motorcycles and started FTF Cycles in addition to his existing career. 

Dan’s garage became the original home of FTF Cycles. Spending his days as a diesel and heavy equipment mechanic, he would spend his nights seeking sanctuary in the shop, building custom bikes and high performance engines to finance his own throttle addiction. 

The name happened out of conversation with friends that would be hanging out at the shop. They had countless late night rants about how big companies were becoming disconnected with the very people who made them an icon, constantly targeting their wallets and selling them on a lifestyle while ripping off every home built trend right down to flat black paint. They talked about things like companies shutting down mom and pop dealers who stuck with them in the lean years only to dismiss them if they weren’t willing to fit the profile all the while waving the American flag in front of products that were made in Taiwan. At that point, Dan had no idea that FTF would ever leave that garage. 

In April of 2005, after losing control of his motorcycle, Dan landed himself in the hospital for 15 days and earned himself a broken wrist and ankle. During Dan’s yearlong rehabilitation, the only work he was capable of doing with one hand from a chair was motorcycle repair. In an ironic twist of fate, Dan’s accident had thrust him face forward into full time bike work and his career as a diesel mechanic was through. 

By the spring of 2006, Dan was back on his feet and it was obvious that the home shop wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Dan decided to expand and rented the first retail location of FTF Cycles at 727 S Main St in Randolph, Ma. The 2200 sq ft shop seemed enormous at the time but within a year, FTF Cycles was busting at the seams. 

In March of 2008, FTF Cycles moved to its current location at 535 S Main St. This 5500 sq ft facility offered ample space for a service dept, parts dept and a sizeable showroom as well as a machine shop area and fabrication workstation. 

With the help of Dan’s wife Cheri, their son Christopher and the entire FTF crew, FTF Cycles continues to grow keeping a strong focus on quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.