American Made with Pride

You Get What You Pay For

Because every time you buy a product that is made in a country that pays its workers less than an American company, you bring the standard of living down for all of us. Day by day you see good paying American jobs being lost to low wage countries, and these job are being replaced by lower paying jobs in the service industry such as fast food restaurants and department store chains. Americans really don't seem to care as long as their job is safe. So many jobs in our country have been lost forever. 

At FTF Cycles, we recommend products from manufacturers who produce quality American made motorcycle parts. Companies like Baker Drivetrain, ThunderMax, Cycle Electric, S&S Cycle, Darkhorse Crankworks, Delkron, and Vance & Hines just to name a few. We have formed trusting relationships with these manufacturers. If ever there is a question, we are able to communicate with them in ENGLISH. These companies support our economy and our citizens by providing manufacturing jobs within our borders and we support them. 

I drive a Chevy, ride a Harley, and work with Snap-On Tools. I shop locally and I do business with my customers and friends because they do business with me. It’s about supporting those who support you, your community and your country. 

It is an unfortunate reality that some items simply aren’t available in American form but if there is an option, we will ask you to consider the American Made option first.